In and out of lockdown

We started supporting some new participants at the start if lockdown who faced incredible difficulties and challenges. Our volunteers provided remote services like Telephone Befriending to participants like Alice and Mohammad. Regular contact and support has been a lifeline and most appreciated by those struggling with isolation and their wellbeing. 

If it wasn't for Refugee Roots and their assistance with Maggie calling me to see how my wellbeing is, I don’t think I would be sitting here to have this conversation..sometimes it felt so lonely


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It's almost 7 months now that we've known Alice and Mohammad, they've a mixture of in person and remote support throughout the time but are most enjoying being able to see volunteers face to face. Reflecting on their experiences they have shared how challenging lockdown was and how important it was that they had some contact with another person. As we at Refugee Roots work remotely and provide limited in person support participants like Alice and Mohammad continue to tell us of the difference that it is making.

I was feeling quite isolated…the hardest thing was being on my own. It’s been brilliant the help and support I have received from Refugee Roots and their volunteers, it’s been tremendous.Refugee Roots helped me practically, with my wellbeing and my confidence


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Coming out of lockdown and through the varied restrictions and changes we have continued to provide services like these remotely as well as offer some in person and socially distanced befriending opportunities where that has been appropriate. We want our support to be as easily accessible as possible. Therefore we migrate between the worlds of virtual and in person, online and on the phone or in the post.  We still need volunteers who will enable us to continue our remote support and in person support. We live in both worlds now and so do our participants. 

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