We have the privilege to share in people's journeys through friendship, love and care.

It has helped me to spend my time in a good and safe place, because I don’t have a job so for me it’s very important to go out and meet friends as I get depressed if I’m home alone. It helped my English, confidence and being sociable with other people. Shiraz

Making the difference 2020



individual people were supported through our projects, volunteers and staff

volunteers support asylum seekers and refugees

20 out of 21

19 out of 21

people reported their English had improved as a result of attending our classes

people said they made new friendships through our projects, reducing isolation

The biggest thank you for what you did for Fahad, he said he cannot express how thankful he is for your support. We are so grateful for having you around to go the extra mile for the clients who really do need it. Caseworker, Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum

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Stories of change

At Refugee Roots we see real change. Our approach and dedicated staff and volunteers go the extra mile. For Fahad befriending and accompanying has given him confidence to face the challenges and difficulties he has experienced. Read stories like Fahad's.

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