Art in the pandemic

We are now offering Art at home sessions to our Women's Group and anyone else who is interested. You just need to get in touch

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Before the lockdowns

We were previously holding art sessions during our Wednesday afternoon Access sessions, we were also doing some crafts with our women's group when their session finishes. 

Art Sessions

We are planning as soon as possible to commence our art sessions weekly in person. However for the time being we will run sessions on demand. We are collaborating with partners to develop easy to use resources and put more art packs together. We intend to run online art sessions and tutorials which will be distributed as well for those with no wifi. 

Creative, Safe and Accessible

Sessions are facilitated by our Art Project Coordinator Ant Sacco. These sessions allow people to channel their feelings into their work, or simply have fun while making conversation with those around them. Being creative is a great way for people to relieve stress, feel calm and express themselves. We have a very relaxed time together and it is accessible for anyone to join in. Ant is there to guide the classes and provide support to help participants get the most out of the class.