Covid 19 Response

Our Access English groups are meeting online for English Lessons on Wednesdays and/or through Telephone English Lessons. You can find updates on Access right here.

Every Wednesday we run Access. It's a session that offers a wide range of services and activities. Most importantly, it gives people a place to belong.

This is our busiest session, running from 1pm to 5.30pm each week. The day is full of different activities and opportunities for people to access support. 

Refugee Support

Anyone in need of help can come at any time without the need to book an appointment and we will give them the information, advice and guidance that they need. We work with many local organisations as Matt Atkins (Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum) confirmed 

We collaborate frequently with Refugee Roots to ensure the best outcomes for our mutual clients.

People who are going through the asylum seeking process are unable to work and can face the threat of destitution. We offer food (donated to Refugee Roots) and clothing distribution (through Sharewear) services on a weekly rota, making sure people have access to what they need even if they have no source of income.  

Volunteers that care

We also run activities, games and conversation tables. It can be isolating living in a foreign country, especially if people do not speak your language. Through our activities, we work to break down that sense of isolation, making people feel welcome, happy and safe.

Learning time

Being unable to speak English can be a huge barrier when going about every day tasks. That's why from 4pm each week we provide English classes for people of all abilities. Whether they need to learn basic phrases to get by when shopping or attending appointments, or if they have a basic knowledge but would like to improve, everyone can benefit. We provide an additional class each Wednesday morning from 10.45am to 12.45pm

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