Greater confidence and improved wellbeing

Mohammad was referred to Refugee Roots by Nottingham Police when he became homeless after fleeing domestic violence and honour based abuse. Mohammad claimed asylum soon after his flight, seeking protection and sanctuary. 

I was homeless and in temporary accommodation since April because of the lockdown

Feeling isolated and lacking confidence resulting from the impact of the lockdown and the experience of domsetic violence, Moahmmad first received practical support and help, information, advice and guidance. This helped him access essential support. This also included finding legal support for his asylum claim. 

Volunteers from Refugee Roots helped Mohammad move and local people in Nottingham and the Nottingham Charity The Arches provided furniture and other essential items.

I was feeling quite isolated…the hardest thing was being on my own. It’s been brilliant the help and support I have received from Refugee Roots and their volunteers, it’s been tremendous. Refugee Roots helped me practically, with my wellbeing and my confidence

The regular support from volunteers meant that things got better day by day for Mohammad. Initially our befriender Theo was supporting him on the phone but as lockdown restrictions eased and Refugee Roots were able to offer some face to face support another volunteer began befriending Mohammad and they could meet in Nottingham for a coffee and chat. Mohammad has found this most helpful as a safe space where he can share anything that he needs help with and build his confidence. 

It’s like a family