We've hit our second milestone

Big News! We have reached the second milestone with our Severn Trent funding. In the last 5-6 months Refugee Roots have supported over 130 participants through a wide variety of projects working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Nottingham.

So far 16 participants benefited from Virtual Kitchen, 16 people have been accompanied, 42 have joined Online English Classes, 30 received Telephone English Support, 13 Women joined our Women's Group, 20 supported with face to face befriending, 50 with Telephone Befriending, 13 attended Socially Distanced Befriending Groups. 

A sneak peak

Access and Women's Group

Our Access project went virtual with the impact of Covid 19.Whilst many transitioned to telephone or Befriending Support our English Classes have been attended by as many as 42 individuals and Women's Group with 13 women participating. Weekly Video calls as a group facilitate learning and skills development opportunities for participants. 

Virtual Kitchen

Participants have been receiving equipment and ingredients to enable them to engage with our cook along videos and share their creations in a group chat. We hear the walnut brownies were super yummy! 

Befriending and Navigators

Volunteers and participants call or meet weekly to provide support and friendship. 

I had a great chat with Malik! I have planned to go on a walk with him next time and I’m going to take a football with me as he enjoys playing!

Henry, Volunteer

With fewer requests to accompany as many places have been closed there has still been much need for our volunteers to accompany participants to a variety of appointments including medical, legal and home office appointments. As one volunteer Theo commented "it is not as straight forward" due to social distancing but it is still possible to support people in meaningful and helpful ways. For some participants like Renasi it meant she could attend her Court Hearing with more confidence and with a sense of empowerment as she was more relaxed going with one of our volunteers. 

Much earlier into our funding we were meeting outside in a community garden for befriending groups to do art, learn English and meet new friends. 

Asylum Support

Our support workers have been busy responding to a range of needs from clients such as food,clothing requests, signposting and making referrals for housing, welfare, legal, health and wellbeing needs. 

I really like talking with my volunteer on the phone, he is brilliant


Over the next few months Refugee Roots will continue to provide support in all these areas. We are planning to launch even more online group activities to engage participants in a fun way to improve wellbeing and reduce isolation.

Keep an eye out for more details on jewellery making, flower arranging and wellbeing sessions. 

We would not have been able to provide this wide range of support without the funding from Severn Trent. A big thank you from all of our participants, staff and volunteers and of course to Severn Trent Community Fund.

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