Befriending in the pandemic

Our befriending in the pandemic has taken on many forms to ensure we are still able to provide "a place to belong". 

We are now providing a Telephone Befriending service as well as in person befriending. Small socially distanced befriending groups are meeting in person outdoors as are one to one befrienders with their befriendee.

In Person Befriending

We have a wonderful team of volunteer befrienders who can meet with participants weekly for 1-2 hours over a 3 month period. Befrienders might meet in a cafe or library where they can provide English conversation, support to access local service providers, or help to find opportunities to volunteer.

The service is tailored to the participant's needs and goals. Participants work with the Befriending Coordinator to identify their goals. The participant is then matched to a suitable volunteer befriender. The Befriending Coordinator facilitates the befriending relationship and provides support to participants and volunteers. Through befriending women like Awa are more confident.

I am really happy that I met my befriender, my English got better, I saw more places in Nottingham and I am not afraid to go out. 

Telephone Befriending

Where it is not possible to meet someone in person weekly we offer a Telephone Befriending service, for people like Mohammad it has been most helpful for him to have the regular contact and support with his Telephone Befriender. Volunteers are making contact with participants weekly. They offer support, conversation and checking in on participants as well as Telephone English Lessons

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