Fareed's Story 

For many, receiving a positive outcome from an asylum claim can be both a relief and a stressful experience. Our Support Worker, Fawad, helps participants like Fareed navigate this period of transition, access essential services available to them, and build a life in the UK. 

Fareed had recently been granted refugee status and, as a result, received an eviction notice to leave his asylum accommodation. In order to help Fareed find urgent accommodation, Fawad connected him with housing support services, such as the YMCA and Housing Aid. 

We also supported Fareed in searching for privately rented housing options and assisted him in submitting his housing link application. Due to our fast response and exploring various options, we were able to find Fareed a housing solution and protect him from rough sleeping. 

To further support Fareed following his positive asylum decision, Fawad helped Fareed open a bank account and apply for Universal Credit on his behalf. The initial Universal Credit payment usually takes five weeks to arrive, so we helped Fareed claim an advance payment which allowed access to essential financial support as soon as possible. The Universal Credit guidance we provide is delivered in partnership with Always Community and involves 1-to-1 support sessions with a trained advisor (read more about the project here). 

As well as Universal Credit, Fawad helped Fareed secure a Home Office integration loan which can be used to cover the costs of settling into UK society, including housing deposits or household items. 

Fareed's story is an example of one of the many participants we have supported in avoiding homelessness and destitution following the granting of refugee status. We are committed to finding solutions to allow people to rebuild their lives in the UK with stability and dignity.