A place for friendship

It has been a difficult year to say the least, with the emergence of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions that followed. To say the least, it has been a challenging year for everyone’s mental health, with much anxiety being felt. Due to this, Refugee Roots have pioneered providing activities and support to improve wellbeing for the most at risk and vulnerable. One of these activities has been The Walking and Talking Group! 

The Walking Group enables participants to have the chance to meet new people and socialise with others in a relaxed and informal environment. It is also an opportunity for participants to improve their own mental wellbeing, by taking time out to enjoy the outdoors. Locations that the Walking Group has visited include the Arboretum, Forest Fields, into and out of town, Wollaton Park, and the Castle.

The Walking Group meets every Thursday at 10.30 where together, they will take a walk to the local park where participants, volunteers, and staff all caught up about their weeks, as well as discuss current affairs, dreams, and goals. This non-stop discussion not only helps the participants build connections with one another, but it also allows them to continuously practice their English. After a few laps of the park, the group often visits the local café to have a coffee and a snack which is funded by Refugee Roots.

Last Saturday, the Walking Group took a trip to Wollaton Park where they met an experienced walker and nature enthusiast who gave everyone a guided tour of the park and its animals. With the participants equipped and ready with binoculars, they got to see some deer and ducks as well as all kinds of different birds. To finish off a fantastic walk, the group had a lovely picnic in the sunshine. We can’t wait for the next trip that the Walking Group embarks upon!

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