The Sharing Table

We launched a Crowdfunder for The Sharing Table a wonderful new collection of recipes from our Cooking & Eating Together Project.  Now here's how it worked...We needed you to back our Crowdfunder to bring the book The Sharing Table to completion. More than 56 crowdfunders joined with us to see this book become a reality. We needed to raise £1500. 

Our volunteer Kathy raised £600 earlier in the year and £900 was raised online with the crowdfunding. The book is printed and being dispatched with all of the rewards too. We are so excited to share it with you.

We did it with your help!!!

The Sharing Table is coming from our table to yours. 

You can

Buy it now

What next?

We have now covered all the costs to make the book which means every sale from here on will generate profit for the Cooking & Eating Together Project. Be part of the story by sharing the book and buying lots of copies. The book has potential to raise £1000 in its current print run and could raise much much more. 

What if we need more books?

If we need more books we are likely to run another crowdfunder / pre order system. We would need at least 100 copies pre-ordered to be able to run another print of the book. It would cost between £1000 and £1200. 

What were The Rewards

Rewards included:

  • Thank You Cards
  • Badges
  • Surprise Gifts
  • Christmas Cards
  • The Book
  • Recipe Cards

Can I still get any of these?

You will be bale to get some of these rewards through the shop as little extras.