Belonging and Friendship

Refugee Roots has long been known for its dedicated and "going the extra mile" team of volunteers and staff members for their creative, adaptive, and effective ways of responding to the needs of their participants. 

As we seek to provide welcome and support for Ukrainian refugees we do so in humility and with deep respect and concern for those whom we work with. 

At Roots one our core services is our befriending project which colours all our activity as it encourages friendship, support, learning and growth together. We will be seeking to increase our befriending service provision and develop it further by aligning ourselves with the needs and concerns of our participants. 

We will be responding to the Ukrainian War by providing our core services with increased capacity and developing them accordingly. For these reasons we will be supporting local people who wish to be part of the governments Homes for Ukraine scheme to connect with Ukrainian refugees. We will also be encouraging those hosting Ukrainian refugees the support and assistance of our befriender's who will be able to help with a range of needs such as; employment, benefits, English classes, social and cultural opportunities. 

How will we do this? 

Some 5 years ago now Refugee Roots began a partnership with the European Law Students Association at the University of Nottingham. The student association has many links across universities in Europe including Ukraine. ELSA have supported our Access project each year providing volunteers and fundraising support. Our links with ELSA have given us a unique opportunity to link with up to 8 local ELSA groups in Ukraine. Through these links we will be able to join Nottingham locals who are wanting to be part of the government Homes for Ukraine scheme with Ukrainians seeking refuge. 

How can you help?

If you are considering to host a refugee from Ukraine at home through the government scheme we would happily help to connect you with a refugee to host.

If you do not need this support but seek help when you are hosting we are here for you. With volunteers that care and a staff team who are ready to listen and support those who need it most, we can provide assistance through our Befriending project to support those you will be hosting. 

We are fundraising

We are seeking funds to cover associated costs with supporting refugees with befriending and for the additional costs associated with supporting volunteers to become hosts through the government Homes for Ukraine scheme and in working with partners to provide this crucial service. 

  • Additional staff costs
  • Additional volunteering costs
  • Direct befriending project costs
  • Additional marketing, promotional, and administration costs