Refill with us

Refugee Roots collaborated with the ‘Refill’ scheme by creating our very own reusable water bottles funded by Severn Trent Water Community Fund and registering our location as a refill sttaion. In doing so, we join 600 other businesses in doing our bit to help reduce plastic waste. There is an easy to us epap too helping you find your nearest Refill station:

In addition to helping reduce plastic waste, Refill is a fantastic scheme which gives you a free and easy access to refreshing tap water, when you’re out and about. Refugee Roots are proud to be a ‘Refill station’ and we will have a blue refill sticker in our window one day soon, meaning that you will be able to refill your reusable bottle free of charge. There is no catch, and you don’t have to buy anything in return. 

There are over 12,000 refill stations across the UK, which is even more reason to invest in a reusable water bottle. Not only this, it is so easy to find your closest refill station, with the app which will give you all the information you need! Head to our website to order yours today!