Friendship and Community

Freya has been volunteering for Refugee Roots since June 2022, whilst volunteering for us she has been heavily involved with the art group and the woman’s group. Our women’s group meet weekly on a Tuesday and offer a range of activities from practising English, building confidence, and providing a safe open space to make friends and build new connections.

“Volunteering for me is about building the wider community of Nottingham, and refugees are a part of that community. There is a real community here at Refugee Roots and it is a space that’s unique and different."

It’s always a positive part of my week that I look forward to and it gives me the opportunity to connect with different types of people.

“It’s just another part of my lifestyle now and I know it makes a positive difference to people’s lives! There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to volunteering with Refugee Roots I had a lot of spare time in the summer so I picked up a lot of hours however, once university started back up they had no issue with me reducing my hours.”

As a university student there are lots of opportunities to develop particular skill sets within Refugee Roots. Not only are you helping our participants but you are also gaining volunteering hours that are looked favourably on by employers.