Fawwaz wins Jamie Marshall award for Community Engagement and Volunteering

The Jamie Marshall Awards is an annual event hosted by Nottingham Trent University to honour students who have made outstanding contributions to their community. This year, Refugee Roots nominated our volunteer, Fawwaz, for the Community Engagement and Volunteering award. There are over one hundred partner organization who participate in NTU's Community Engagement and Volunteering, and 3 students were selected for the award out of the 400 volunteering students. 
Fawwaz has been teaching weekly English lessons at our Friday Access classes. Fawwaz's support has helped many participants improve their English and build their confidence. Our Access classes are a space for participants to learn language skills but also a chance to socialize in the community. The impact our projects have would not be possible without the important work of volunteers like Fawwaz. 
"The highlight of the event was seeing Fawwaz reaction to being recognised for his hard work and passion with us over these past 7 months. He has volunteered teaching an English class on a Friday almost every week for that entire period. He was clearly moved by the event, and it is really lovely to see volunteers being recognised for their incredible work."

Daniel Parkin, Befriending and Volunteer Coordinator