Our support worker who joined us in May 2019 is left us last week as she commences a Masters degree and her contract came to its end.

Rose has supported an incredible amount of people in her time with us and in July alone worked on

  • 32 issues/cases
  • 46 support sessions held
  • supporting 28 different individuals 
  • making 35 referrals

Rose was part of a team of dedicated and committed staff who care deeply about the people they are supporting. The team at Refugee Roots embody what "a place to belong" should be in their work and ethos. 

I feel positive leaving and knowing I am passing on my work and caseload to good people


Rose reflected on her time with Refugee roots and told us that the best part of her job was

seeing that the work Refugee Roots do does really make a difference in asylum seekers and refugees lives. I've experienced that first hand and that's been really rewarding.

We wish Rose every success and blessing as she continues to give generously her time and skill to supporting refugees and asylum seekers in new ways and different ways as she moves on from her time at Refugee Roots.  

We will miss Rose as a valued team member and colleague, her work for us has been of a high standard. We appreciate her caring approach with our participants and the relationships she has developed. At Refugee Roots its our team of dedicated staff who like Rose make a real difference to people's lives. 

Adam, Director

Are you considering volunteering or working with Refugee's? Whatever your interest or concern for asylum seekers may be Refugee Roots may well be the place where you like Rose can learn, grow and develop and where your time, skills and dedication could make a real difference. 

I've learnt a lot working for Refugee Roots about how to best support refugees and asylum seekers in Nottingham. 

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