Meaningful Milestones

We are celebrating the end of our Severn Trent funding by looking at the milestones we have met. 

This funding allowed us to train 80 volunteers, support 204 participants and provide more than 40 weeks of English Classes and Wellbeing Activities. 

At the beginning of the year our work changed due to the lockdown and pandemic. We adapted and changed our services to be more easily accessed. This included providing Telephone English, Telephone Befriending and running online English Classes, Activities and Support Groups. Since then some groups have been able to meet in person outdoors. The funding enabled us to provide social spaces that brought people together, which is much needed in these isolating times. For participants like Mohammad he has found this most helpful as a safe space where he can share anything that he needs help with and build his confidence. 

“I was feeling quite isolated…the hardest thing was being on my own. It’s been brilliant the help and support I have received from Refugee Roots and their volunteers, it’s been tremendous. Refugee Roots helped me practically, with my wellbeing and my confidence” Mohammad

We would like to thank Severn Trent Community Fund as these simple things have brought much joy and happiness to our participants. 

We are thrilled to be able to continue the project due to new funding which will contribute to running 2 weekly English classes (1 for women and 1 mixed) with a monthly Cooking and Eating Together Group, various socials, day trips, and regular training and workshops. The People's Health Trust has awarded £25,173 over two years for the Access Project.

We've already started to run sessions and classes, and our Women's Group enjoyed a day trip to Nottingham Castle