Acts of Kindness

Through Acts 435 we have been donated small amounts of money to buy things that really make a difference in our participant's lives, such as new shoes, a wardrobe, paints and canvases, bikes, and travel cards. The cost of these is small in comparison to the difference it has made. It's not the amount that's been given that's important but the big impact it has had. 

One participant was able to have 5 weeks of worry-free travel to attend our group sessions:

"the sessions bring me joy and hope" 

We are overwhelmed at the kindness that we have seen and the amazing thing is that the donors are anonymous and gave willingly to help someone out in a moment of need

"God's grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them"

Acts. 4:33-34


One of our participants received £30 through Acts 435 and was able to buy some art materials which he is enjoying using. A budding creative is now more able to express himself and continue developing his talent.


Ahsan and his family were struggling to store their children's clothing with very little furniture and means to buy furniture a grant from Acts 435 meant they could get a wardrobe to help them store their children's clothes. 

Thank you for the wardrobe


It is great to share the Christian values of Acts 435 and realise the wonderful gift faith is and how our shared faith can lead us into displays of love and kindness that come straight from the heart.