One of our recent volunteers Phoebe Eaves made some brilliant images and artwork for us as part of her University project. She shared them with us and had a chat with our Director about her experience volunteering.
We thought you would like to have a look!

When did you volunteer for Refugee Roots? 

I volunteered between July 2020 to December 2020 after my friend recommended checking out the charity to me.

What were you doing when you volunteered?

I volunteered as a befriender and helped my befriendee practice their English every week through reading with them over the phone.

What did you enjoy most about volunteering? 

"I loved being able to meet new people in Nottingham and having a weekly chat with my befriendee and other volunteers at Refugee Roots."

What was your experience like? 

"Despite volunteering remotely, my experience has been really positive! I've become more confident and met some great people accessing and volunteering with Refugee Roots." 

What was your university project?

My project is a campaign based in Nottingham city showing the different and fun ways people can get involved and volunteer at Refugee Roots pre-covid. This includes group cooking and art classes, meeting people at the Windmill Community Gardens or grabbing a cuppa and having a chat with someone!

What did you learn? 

Through volunteering at Refugee Roots and undertaking my university project, I've learned how important Refugee Roots's work is. They help empower refugees in Nottingham and feel less isolated while helping provide everyday support. In the current pandemic where it's so easy to feel alone, their work is more vital than ever. 

How can we find out more about other work you do? 

Currently I'm really passionate about integrating illustration in design branding and campaigns to make a difference. You can check out more of my work on my portfolio and Instagram account:
You could volunteer whether as part of your studies, looking to devlop new skills, build your confidence or do some good.
We have a lot of opportunities to volunteer to befriend and support asylum seekers and refugees as well as a number of support roles