Enjoying the sweeter things in life

Our Clumber Park Day Trip was a huge success with smiles all around, fun together and wonderful connections made.

Highlights for participants were playing games together like Bocce, Chess and 25+ ice creams. 

The first-timers and well-rehearsed bowlers in Bocce laughed and enjoyed the friendly competition as they launched the balls on the green. A small group from the 39 participants who attended enjoyed a short walk around the lake and stopped to admire a gorgeous waterfall. 

It was a day that had something for everyone to enjoy. 

Kicking a ball together, or children running around the trees were pleasant sights too, as our participants could enjoy the wonderful grounds at Clumber Park. 

Thanks to our donors and The National Trust for all their support, the very kind and efficient staff who looked after us so well, My Journey CIC for a great service getting us from Hyson Green to Clumber Park and back, and everyone who helped make such a great day happen.

 Staff at the Clumber Park Cafe


My Journey CIC

It's so nice for me, just seeing something so beautiful and getting away


You can still donate towards the day trip and any funds raised over the target will help fund future days out together.