Our Women in the pandemic

Women are meeting as a virtual group and in person when it is safe to do so and in compliance with local restrictions and natinoal guidance.

If participants don't have Wifi/internet we are posting English language resources and maintaining telephone contact with WhatsApp. We are also sending art activities and language resources through the post. 


Our women’s group meets every Tuesday from 10:30am and offers a range of confidence building, empowering and skills development based activities.

It's a place where women can make friends and new connections, helping to reduce isolation and improving wellbeing. 

Shiraz finds attending our women’s group really beneficial, enjoying a welcoming, safe environment for women to meet.

The most useful part is that Muslim women are most comfortable in the women’s group. For me, communicating with different people from different cultures is very nice.


The group are meeting in various locations, including Windmill Community Gardens, an outdoor space, allotment and garden. Some meetings are on Zoom. 

How to join

Join a group by showing your interest and we can see how best we can help you join the group. We want you to be able to take part even if you can't get online, so we would love to talk to you. 

Samina's Story

The group and the English lessons for Samina has helped grow her confidence. When she attended our very first women's group session, Samina spoke no English and no one else in the group could speak Kurdish Regardless of the language barrier, the other women were very kind to Samina, teaching her basic phrases and helping her communicate with pictures. As Samina attended our English lessons and more women joined the group, we were thrilled to see her coming out of her shell and communicating with the new women using her limited English.

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