Happiness and Confidence

Nick wanted to volunteer after watching a moving news story about Afghans evacuating Kabul and wanted to do something to help those arriving in Nottingham. He wanted to give his time to help new arrivals integrate, orientate themselves, and settle into life in the UK. 

Nick was unsure and apprehensive at first, wondering what he could do to help. Our Befriending Project & Volunteer Coordinator was able to place Nick in a role perfect for what he could offer and that suited his availability. Nick became a befriender to Rawa. Nick has been involved in weekly befriending meetings and showing Rawa places he can go to in the local area for free like local parks, green spaces, libraries and art galleries such as the Lakeside Arts Gallery at the University of Nottingham campus. Discovering these spaces has been so important for Rawa’s health and wellbeing. Visits to places like the Nottingham Caves and other local attractions has given opportunities to discuss history, culture, traditions and values. 

Nick told us the conversations he has with Rawa have helped him become more confident, and happier. Rawa was very unhappy and isolated when he first met Nick but the regular meetings and support, complemented by the efforts and work of Refugee Roots has really made a difference. Rawa is no longer as withdrawn, he is happier and confident once again. 

Nick describes volunteering with Refugee Roots to have been:

a fascinating experience, I have made a new friend and made a difference.

Nick highlighted that he has always been able to go to Refugee Roots whenever there is a problem and has been met with a positive response.