Refugee Support

Our support workers can provide information, advice, and guidance on a range of support issues. They can make referrals and signpost participants to the support they require.

Alice's Story

Alice was supported by our befriender Maggie through a difficult and challenging time. The befrienidng relationship made it easier for Alice to get support from our support workers at Refugee Roots who were able to help with a range of issues. 

Support Workers at Refugee Roots helped;

  • access Legal support
  • get medical help with her pregnancy
  • access counseling and therapy with Growing Forward
  • access basic items, food and baby essentials by making referrals to Grace Church Baby Basics
  • attend weekly group activities and sessions
  • find housing
  • make referrals for furniture 

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We have helped with;

  • information
  • advice
  • guidance
  • signposting
  • referring

Our help has included support with issues such as;

  • universal credit
  • housing
  • education 
  • asylum support
  • destitution
  • finding legal support
  • wellbeing
  • medical

We have made a signposting booklet with Transforming Nottingham Together download here





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