We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be featuring on Givto in May.


Givto is a new way to donate to charity that allows users to give to a different cause each month with one simple Direct Debit. The service was developed by volunteers in Leeds who wanted to support local charities during the pandemic. Following a successful pilot in Yorkshire, Givto is now being rolled out to people nationwide. Givto offers users the chance to support local charities and discover new causes - like ours. 


Each month, Givto users are given three causes to choose from. We’ve been selected to feature in May, and we’re so excited to share our cause with a new audience and hopefully raise funds for our work with refugees and people seeking asylum.


Givto also feature us in a Directory of all the worthy causes they’ve helped where you can search by cause and location, and you can check our page here: www.givto.org/directory/refugee-roots

Find out more about Givto here: https://givto.org