Like many cities in the UK, Nottingham is already making preparations to welcome and support Afghans who will be reseetled in the UK. One local charity (NNRF) are recruiting a caseworker. Refugee Roots is in conversation with local partners and charities to plan and prepare for how we will be involved and how we can provide meaningful and much-needed support.
Our Befriending project is one of ways in which we will be supporting Afghans coming to Nottingham through the resettlement program and through other pathways. You can help us to increase our capacity by supporting our Afghan Appeal.
We are already working with Afghans who have family trapped in Afghanistan by writing to their MP and signposting them to other sources of help. 
One of our Support Workers, Fawad is an Afghan who has experienced what its like to be a refugee. Fawad is an invaluable member of our team and his insight and expertise are benefitting the whole team at present. Fawad has shared some of his perspectives with us recently. 

"The situation with Afghan refugees is very difficult at the moment under the Taliban. Many people are trying to flee Afghanistan but it's not very easy to do so. I know some Afghan families who managed to flee Afghanistan to Iran but there is no support available for refugees in Iran and most of the time Iran would send them back to Afghanistan so they have to live illegally in Iran or pay lots of money to Iranian authority to let them stay there with an uncertain future or move to a safer country."


We are acutely aware of the reality and experiences of Afghan refugees and well-positioned to welcome and support them. 
"I like working as a support worker at Refugee Roots because it's a way to support asylum seekers and refugees who are dealing with the same problems that I was dealing with when I first moved to the UK."
Fawad also works with a local social enterprise Voices in Refuge as an interpreter. We appreciate very much their support and professional services Fawad said "I like interpreting because I can support Dari and Farsi speakers from Afghanistan and Iran who can't speak English yet, and at the same time I can improve my own English, Farsi and Dary languages."
Fawad's language skills have been incredibly useful when we have worked with Dari and Farsi speakers, now more than ever will we appreciate his input and work. 
"When first I moved to Nottingham the only support that was available from Refugee Action which was very helpful as I didn't know anyone in Nottingham"
We are delighted to be among the growing number of organizations in Nottingham whose purpose is to support refugees and asylum seekers.
Afghan refugees are coming to Nottingham and we need your help to respond to their needs throughout this emergency. Demand for our much needed work is increasing and we must act quickly to prepare the best possible support. You can help us to welcome and support them.
We will be posting some news and resources on our website and social media pages in the coming weeks.