Due to the current situation we are now facing an unprecedented financial crisis

What has happened?

There is a lot of uncertainty around funding for the future of our supportive groups and activities. Funding we were expecting to receive has now been postponed until things settle. We are continuing to seek funding but the impact of this will affect the current situation. 

We have stopped running our groups and now are working remotely. We are providing Phone support (advice and guidance), Phone befriending, Remote English lessons, and Food drop offs. 

The situation will have a profound impact on our most vulnerable participants, those experiencing destitution, and homelessness. We want to respond as much as we possibly can to their needs and work closely with partners to ensure the best outcomes for participants. 

What can I do to help?

This is a difficult an challenging time for everyone. We know we can get through this and so can our participants but only with your help and support.

Please help us to direct our focus at meeting the needs of our participants by donating today. Making a donation today will directly translate to hope for the most vulnerable and at risk due to this pandemic

How will my money help?

We are working extremely hard to develop innovative ways to deliver our core services and support groups. Your donation will help us to help those who need it most