Friendship and Support

Our response to supporting Afghans in Nottingham will be to befriend and support those arriving in the city by increasing our capacity to match befrienders with Afghans and to increase our support workers' capacity to work with them.

Like many cities in the UK, Nottingham is already making preparations to welcome and support Afghans who will be resettled in the UK. One local charity (NNRF) are recruiting a caseworker. Refugee Roots is in conversation with local partners and charities to plan and prepare for how we will be involved and how we can provide meaningful and much-needed support.

Our support worker Fawad shared his experience with us and said,

"The situation with Afghan refugees is very difficult at the moment under the Taliban. Many people are trying to flee Afghanistan but it's not very easy to do so. I know some Afghan families who managed to flee Afghanistan to Iran but there is no support available for refugees in Iran and most of the time Iran would send them back to Afghanistan so they have to live illegally in Iran or pay lots of money to Iranian authority to let them stay there with an uncertain future or move to a safer country."


We don't know what to expect at present as to how many Afghans will settle in Nottingham and so we are only seeking to raise a small target of £2000 initially which we expect will enable us to support at least 7 individuals or families with befriending and support work. 

Befrienders like Allister have supported Afghan refugees like Fahad who we've worked with for many years now and who is still very much part of the Refugee Roots family. Its our dedicated staff and volunteers that are making the difference time and time again. 

Thank you for everything you are doing to help me because I am so worried and I know I can always get help with Refugee Roots


The money raised will help increase our Befriending Coordinator and Support Worker's capacity. It will cover costs associated with befriending, and cover costs associated with support work (eg: travel, printing, administration).