Its a date!

What better way to celebrate this Valentine's by cooking a meal for someone you love, why not get inspiration from our wonderful recipe book, The Sharing Table. The Sharing Table is a wonderful new collection of recipes from our Cooking & Eating Together Project

Not only will you demonstrate your culinary expertise, and impress your loved ones, but you'll also be supporting Refugee Roots. 

So whats the idea?

  • Cook a meal from our book 
  • Make a donation equivalent to the cost of what you would pay if you were eating out
  • Share your valentines donation story

What you will need

  • The sharing table
  • fizz or wine or non alcoholic drink
  • ingredients for the recipe you will cook
  • any other Refugee Roots gifts (tote bags, t shirts, recipe cards, badges)

Share your story

And did we mention that we would love to enter you into a draw to win one of our Refugee Roots flasks..all you have to do is share your valentines story and tag us.

A collection of recipes we enjoyed through the year , all vegetarian, all delicious and all right here for you to enjoy. Volunteers Kathy and Lesley led the Cooking & Eating Together project and have pulled the recipes together in this wonderful book designed by Heather Thomas. 

Purchase the book from our store:

 The Sharing Table Cooking Book