I celebrate my 65th birthday on 8th May, the day that last year the Government decided to grant a Bank Holiday to celebrate VE Day. Well that seemed a good idea at the time but a lot has changed since then with the COVID-19 pandemic! So now I am raising money for Refugee Roots and Cooking Book which I am helping to put together.

As many of you know I enjoy cooking and during the lockdown have enjoyed trying new recipes including making Sourdough which is improving with each new loaf I bake! My cooking has been influenced in the last few years by living in Southall, West London and Nottingham - both very multicultural areas. Last year I was involved with a cooking project for some of the participants at Refugee Roots. Through cooking and eating food together we often shared stories. Some of these stories and recipes will be celebrated in a cookbook called The Sharing Table. I am coordinating this cookbook and have involved members of my family and friends in page layout and design, photography and testing all the recipes (all services given in kind), so that the book can be published in some way later in the year to raise funds for Refugee Roots.

Please help me to mark my 65th birthday in a meaningful way.
Thank you,

Kathy Thomas