Hello! In August, I’ll be running 100 miles over the course of the month to raise money for Refugee Roots.

Refugee Roots is a Nottingham-based Christian charity that helps asylum seekers and refugees build relationships and navigate the complexities of building a new life in the UK. Refugee Roots run an incredible range of empowerment initiatives, including befriending, accompanying asylum seekers to appointments, information, advice and guidance, as well as supportive groups and activities, such as English and art classes.

Over the last year, I’ve been volunteering with English classes that run each week. This has served as inspiration to take on the challenge - because it’s just that, a challenge! Not only physically (I’m not an avid runner by any stretch), but more so because of the mental stamina it will take to show up and commit to getting the miles ticked off. This is a huge nod to the students who show up every week to learn a new language, all while adjusting to life in a new country. That truly takes mental stamina.

The money raised will go towards Refugee Roots’ initiatives. As the saying goes, every penny counts! Their valuable work relies on the goodwill of donors like you. Your donation can create meaningful change in the lives of asylum seekers and refugees, providing them with much-needed support and a place to belong.

I’ll be posting milestones and updates along the way. So, get involved, donate, and I’ll see you in 100 miles! 😊

To find out more about Refugee Roots, visit their website at refugeeroots.org.uk or follow on Instagram @refugeeroots

Georgia Shanahan