What we want to do

Our women’s group sees between nine and fifteen women each week who meet for a range of confidence building, empowering and skills development based activities. It's a place where they can make friends and new connections, which reduces isolation and improves wellbeing.

The activities and meeting together costs around £6,000 per year. The group is led by its participants and facilitated by a staff member and volunteer. We want to raise £500 towards the costs of running this group.

The money raised will cover a few months of room hire, activities and refreshments. 

I could just forget about everything that was a problem and laugh. 


People like Mary benefit from the group because it gives them a safe space to meet where they can do a range of activities that bring some normality and stability to their lives. 

Skills based workshops and learning opportunities like flower arranging, chocolate making and stress management have increased confidence and developed skills for women like Sonia. 

I didn't think that I would be able to do it, and learning how was so much fun. Sonia