Cooking Together and The Sharing Table

Our Cooking Together & Eating Together Project and The Sharing Table are due to launch later this year when the lockdown is lifted or restrictions ease to enable us to add some final touches. 

Last year we met monthly for Cooking Together & Eating Together to share food, recipes, cultural exchanges and friendship. Emerging from the stories and experiences of participants is a new project The Sharing Table which will be a cooking book that will bring our story to you in your kitchen. 

We need your support to cover the costs of:

  • Room Hire
  • Ingredients
  • Training (Food Safety)
  • Printing and making the cooking book
  • Photography

We plan to launch a crowdfunding initiative for the cooking book with lots of great rewards and incentives. 

All surplus funds raised will be used for relaunching the Cooking Together & Eating Together Project along with proceeds from the book. 

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