Could you help asylum seekers and refugees get to the appointments they need to and provide extra support for those who need it most?

What does it involve?

Accompanying can work on  number of levels and will depend on the particular need. In most scenarios it involves going with a participant to an appointment, usually making use of public transport or walking.  Volunteers who sign up receive requests as they come in and have the opportunity to accept those which they are able to fulfill.  Once accepted volunteers will receive further details in order to fulfill the request successfully. 

What volunteers say

"I am really happy to help in this way and I feel I am making a difference"


We know that the current situation may mean that we are getting fewer requests for this support and that appointments may now be taking place virtually or on the phone. So a navigators role may look a little different. There are still requests that require going with someone. One volunteer told us that "it's not so straight forward now with all the Covid restrictions and guidance, it just takes a little bit more out of the box thinking and planning ahead". 

What participants say

When we accompany participants they feel more confident and reassured. 

“I wasn't so worried knowing Adam was there with me in a city I had never been to


It isn't easy finding your way and using transport that is new to you. That's why our support really makes a difference for people like Mary. 

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