New Roles In A New Landscape

We are now developing hyrbid ways of working in person and remotely. This will involve making available our in person support and sessions remote and digitally available. 

To facilitate this new approach we are looking for volunteers with video production editing, film making / youtubeing skills to help us record and then share sessions.

Cooking Together & Eating Together

As we consider the relaunch of our Cooking Together and Eating Together project and with the launch of The Sharing Table we are very excited to be working with Windmill Community Gardens albeit with quite a different approach.

Sessions will be monthly and need preapred before the third Wednesday each month. We expect to run more than one session in January and April 2021. 

Art Project

We are also seeking video support for weekly art sessions starting in January which will be in person with a small group and the recorded session distributed to other participants.

Sessions will be weekly on Tuesdays. Venue tbc. 


The person(s) should have skills in either or all of these:

  • video recording and production
  • video editing
  • online casting/streaming (Youtube Premiering)

The person(s) can use borrowed equipment, their own equipment. We have limited resources but a smartphone and tripod could be provided. Out of pocket expenses covered.