Befriending Learning Support

We provide a range of activities and support to develop new skills, build confidence and improve wellbeing. You could help us by supporting these groups and activities. 

We are working towards a hybrid approach of in person and remote provision. To be able to do this we need your support.

Activities we will be running:

  • Virtual Kitchen
  • Art Sessions
  • English Language
  • Workshops 

Responsibilities will vary but may involve:

  • Setting up, Clearing up
  • Hospitality and Welcome
  • Assisting facilitator
  • Correspondence with participants
  • Delivering or arranging collection (being present for collections)
  • Making up at home packs (eg: Ingredients for cooking or Art materials)
  • Hosting an online group to share/stream video resource and meet virtually

Art sessions will be weekly on Tuesdays (starting January 2021), time and location to be confirmed. 

Virtual Kitchen will be monthly (already started) on the third Wednesday of each month. Food ingredients usually distributed on the day or next day of the online meeting. We hope this group will meet in person and have people joining remotely as well. Currently meeting 5.30pm but this could change. 


English Language Classes to be confirmed

Workshops as and when required. 

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