International Conference of ELSA UK

This years ELSA UK Conference focuses on Refugee Law. 

International Refugee Law is an important area of development in the law, it is especially significant in the modern world, where the UK is leaving the EU, potentially changing the applicable law and relationship for refugees in the region. All whilst the number of refugees is likely to increase, and the diversity of origins expand.

The purpose of this conference is to offer participants an in-depth understanding of refugee law in practice, as well as the particular experiences in the UK. We will have practitioners, academics, and those who have been through the refugee process speaking at the conference. There will be a panel discussion on the topic, to see the contrast of these three different views. As well as workshops on the different areas, delivered by lawyers, academics, refugees, refugee charities, and more to facilitate a deeper knowledge of refugees and the law.

Refugee Roots

We will be exhibiting artwork produced by our women's group and we will be leading a workshop exploring day to day issues we face in our work with refugees. 

Booking for this event has now closed.